Thursday, May 6, 2010

To Chairman and CEO, AOL re email blocking

VIA PRIORITY MAIL #03093220000037794676

Tim Armstrong
Chairman and CEO
AOL Inc.
770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

Dear Mr. Armstrong:

AOL is blocking hundreds of emails from The Wisdom Fund — a Section 501(c)(3), nonprofit corporation, established in 1995.

We have used the same ISP since 1995 — Heller Information Services (

Our mailing list has been developed over 15 years: some subscribed, some were added when they contacted us, some were added from those CCd in mail to us.

We use Intellimerge software for bulk mailing, and every email we send has an unsubscribe link — unsubscribe requests are handled by Intellimerge.

The error message we receive is:
which takes us to an AOL page designed for ISPs — not ISP clients.

We do not have the resources to interpret AOL instructions written for ISPs, and we cannot spare countless hours to get our email unblocked, only to be blocked again.

AOL’s block is damaging communications with our subscribers. Please take measures to place us on a safe list so that our email is not blocked.

Thank you,

Enver Masud
Founder and CEO
The Wisdom Fund

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