Saturday, March 12, 2011

Islamic radicalization hearing: 9/11 truth information distributed

I arrived at the Canon House Office Building, venue for the Homeland Security Committee hearings on Islamic radicalization, between 8:30 and 8:45. I met Enver Masud, founder of The Wisdom Fund, and congratulated Medea Benjamin on being accused by Glenn Beck of starting the Egyptian revolution(NOT). I then leafleted the press with Enver's letter and fact sheet to Chairman King until shooed away by the authorities. I found a couple of people to interview Enver. Pajama TV spoke to Enver but didn't interview him. Seemed the fellow was more interested in talking to young women. I spoke to a young Muslim woman from Texas. After explaining what Enver was trying to accomplish, she begged for understanding that it would be too dangerous for most mosques to address this. I agreed that I don't find fault with Muslim Americans for reticence NEARLY as much as with European Americans. Nevertheless, I predicted that if we don't confront the 9/11 lies we will come to live in a police state where Muslim Americans take the brunt of the repression. A European diplomat asserted 9/11 was too long ago to be relevant. Diplomats are good at talking points. I met a Muslim diplomat from a large Asian nation. He had never heard of WTC 7. He was very interested.

Randall Terry the abortion clinic protest leader arrived with video camera assistant. He was knowledgeable but hostile, asserting Islam to be a threat to Christianity. A Jewish man who taught classes on the history of Israel and Palestine was critical of Terry's DVD saying that if someone cherry picked language from the Torah as Terry had done with the Koran, it would seem Judaism was even more bloodthirsty that Terry's version of Islam. He attributed this to the age of the various scriptures.

Enver went home to watch on TV, and I didn't get in till 12:30 PM. I saw the last hour. Al Green of Texas was the high point. Noting he was the son of a preacher, he emphasized that the KKK used Christianity as an excuse for their terrorist activities.

At the and I leafleted the press inside the room. I said Enver was the most daring Muslim in the US and he was never invited to speak in mosques because of fear in the mosques of being associated with him. EVERY journalist took the letter. I got a list from Enver by phone of the committee members and delivered the letter to the offices of all but 2. Jane Harman had quit her Congressional seat anyway. She is succeeding Lee Hamilton at the Woodrow Wilson Center. To think her husband made his money from sound systems and thus popular music is quite an irony. I used the same introduction, which humble Enver was not happy with.

Let me ask, since those who advocate violence are foolish rather than daring, why isn't daring the right description of Enver's work?

David Slesinger

David Slesinger is a longtime advocate of nonviolence. He has been arrested over two dozen times for nonviolent civil disobedience, mostly in opposition to nuclear power. He was the first person to serve a sentence for protesting climate change. His focus now is on exposing the truth about 9/11.

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Stephen said...

I knew the 9-11 was a set-up, while watching the controlled demolitions on live T.V. with no challenge from government aircraft. it seemed surreal that the morning papers had complete biographies of these 19 people, yet nobody knew anything sooner. Chaney going to his Dr. NO mountain redoubt was a tip-off, too. he stayed there several weeks! The architects and engineers made their findings quite clear. Remember how soon they sent to metal beams - to CHINA!? Sheesh, what a horrible and disgusting event, just to set up further genocide in the Middle East. You can use my name - Anthony Rayson