Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nonprofit corporation proposes 'White List' to halt unlawful blacklisting

The Wisdom Fund, a Virginia based nonprofit corporation, has proposed the following rules to counter Internet blacklists that stifle free speech.

1 - Establish a "White List" for nonprofit corporations.

2 - Require Internet Service Providers to forward mail from those on "White List" to its intended recipients without hindrance.

3 - Penalties and lawyer fees for noncompliance.

Lior Leser, an attorney whose "practice focuses on helping companies build solid Web 2.0 Legal platforms", advised The Wisdom Fund that blacklists are "shutting down free speech."

Multiple "White Lists" exist, but they're not used widely, it's not clear how one gets on them, and there are no penalties to ISPs for not using them.


Moderator said...

SUBJECT: Spam Complaint Alert

We checked that has been receiving email from us for at least the last two months with NO complaint.

At the TOP of every email we sent was the following:
TO UNSUBSCRIBE [email address] CLICK [unsubscribe link]

In this instance, did not open the email before labeling it Spam. could have UNSUBSCRIBED with one click, rather than file a Spam complaint.

With 893 emails in this emailing, even ONE complaint exceeds your limit of 0.01.

Please advise what we can do in situations such as this.

Moderator said...

Removing an email server from blacklists is a time-consuming process, and it's not designed with the end user in mind —